How to Find Budget Accommodation in Sydney?

However Sydney is the world’s third most expensive city to live in, it’s not that difficult to obtain a low cost accommodation if you know where to find the deals. As the biggest city in Australia it offers a really wide range of accommodation included the cheapest budget hostels as well as the most exclusive hotels. But whatever type of accommodation you choose you want to be sure of getting the best cost-benefit offers. Here you can find them:

1. Budget Hotel Rooms

Many travelers can’t afford to stay at a hotel room, but if you can here are some sites to find the best deals:

budget hotel

2. is a place where people who are looking for a space to stay and those who are offering a space to spare can find each other easily. On the site you can find photos and read other guests’ reviews and experiences about hosts so you know what to expect. It can be a good opportunity to meet other people and stay at a low cost accommodation at the same time. Here is how it works.

3. Hostels

In most hostels you can either choose to rent a bed in a dormitory or book a private room. Dormitories can be mixed or single sex, bathrooms are usually shared. Hostels are most of the time well located, however their biggest advantage is undoubtedly their budget price. If you are looking for a cheap and sociable place check these sites out:

  • YHA Australia – it is part of the largest budget accommodation network offering award winning hostels in Sydney
  • Hostelbookers – cheap and middle category hostels with no booking fees
  • Hostelworld – trusted website but always compare prices with Hostelbookers

4. CouchSurfing

Couchsurfing is a little bit different from everything else above-mentioned. It’s a great way to meet local people who offer a space for you for a few days. No monetary exchange takes place (except sometimes for food or other expenses) but it’s respectful to show your appreciation with a small gift or cooking a meal etc. Establishing trust is the key to ensure a pleasant stay that’s why you are encouraged to provide enough information about yourself for your future hosts.

5. Home Exchange

It is exactly what the title says. You choose your destination (Sydney) and looking for families or individuals who want to stay in your country or city, contact them and change location for the agreed period of time. You can find deals on and both of them require a membership which has a monthly fee.

home exchange

6. Caravan and Camping Accommodation

You can find a list of available caravan and camping accommodation on the official website of Sydney.

7. Travellerspoint

You can find a search bar on their website designed especially for finding budget accommodation in different locations included Sydney. It worth to check it out.

Keep in mind when seeking for a suitable accommodation:


cheap accommodation in Sydney

Decide what type of holiday you’re planning! Do you want to spend the whole day on the beach sunbathing? (note: the australian sun is very strong, stay out of the sun during lunchtime and don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion) Or do you prefer discovering fancy restaurants around the city? Perhaps a long bushwalk or hike?

You should take your preferred activities into consideration when you decide which region of Sydney are you looking for a budget accommodation. It’s pointless to book a hotel room on the beach if you prefer to spend the majority of your time visiting the sights of the city.

Price range

One of the most important aspects. Usually the lower the price the lower the quality. But never decide only by the price. Always look for the best cost-benefit accommodation. Let me tell you an example: you don’t have enough money to book a room in a four star hotel but you don’t mind sharing a house with a host (of course you will have your own room and most of the time bathroom as well). This way you can enjoy the same quality as those who choose a hotel room but on a lower price (have look at

Room facilities

What facilities are really important for you to have a pleasant stay? Inside swimming pool, spa, ironing facilities, Wi-Fi, television, fridge, en suite bathroom, free parking? Tip: avoid accommodation without air conditioning in the hot months.

REAL people’s reviews

Don’t make the same mistake as thousands of other travelers make: don’t trust in “google first page” review websites blindly. Most of them are affiliate sites and don’t list the best budget accommodation but the ones which pay more for an affiliate link. Beware of them.

Special expectations

Keep in mind your special wishes during searching for the ideal accommodation. Are you a smoker? Do you or someone travelling with you have any disabilities? Do you need special medical surveillance?

If staying at a hotel always check its official website

Maybe you find the best deal on one of the big aggregator sites but quite a few times the official websites offer discount prices that you can’t find anywhere else. It seems a logical step to have a look at the home page of the hotel however many people skip this step.

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